Bitcoin wallet compressed and uncompressed

Create Bitcoin Private Key Compressed and Un Compressed Address HEX WIF

On This Code Can Generated Bitcoin Compressed Address And UnCompressed Address From Bytes Key with os package .

first Generate Bytes Random With os.urandom(32)  after generated create hex() in ended code private key hex founded now  use bit package and use bytes_to_wif generate WIF key after generated with wif can generated compressed address and uncompressed address  with Key(wif) .

1 – Generate Random Bytes and HEX with os.urandom in Python:

[coding-blocks block=”generaterandombytes”]

2- Convert Bytes To wif Compressed and WIF Un Compressed With bit.format import bytes_to_wif

[coding-blocks block=”generate-wif-compressed-and-uncompressed”]

3 – Generate Compressed Bitcoin Address and Un Compressed Bitcoin Address Wallet From WIF:

[coding-blocks block=”generate-compressed-and-un-compressed-bitcoin-wallet-address”]

full code example :

[coding-blocks block=”howtocreatebitcoinprivatekeyandaddresscompressedanduncompressed”]