Flash AiO v1.0.3 Ultimate

Flash aio v1. 0. 3 ultimate

Introduction and explanation

Imagine a world where you could send limitless amounts of digital currency to any address without having a single coin in your wallet. It sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it? But this world is closer than you think, thanks to Flash AiO (All in One) v1.0.3. This innovative software is set to revolutionize the cryptocurrency landscape by enabling users to send more than any amount they want to target addresses without possessing any type of currency in their wallets. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, or Dogecoin you’re interested in, this tool has got you covered. After a long time that I did not publish any software on the website, now I am starting with a new and wonderful software that I tried to solve all the needs of the user in this project that took more than 6 months. I think I will satisfy my users by releasing this version because the style used in this project is a new graphic style that is rarely seen in my collection of works, but I did innovation in this project and I hope the users of this software I have also satisfied the application. ( in the future).

As we have mentioned in some social networks that you follow us, what are the features of this software and what makes it different from other versions, and once again I will announce here briefly to quickly discuss the main explanations and basic training. And flash with Flash Aio (All In One ).

Before we get started though, it’s important to clarify a crucial point: to send and create a fake and verifiable transaction that the user sends in the desired blockchain, it is necessary to pay for other transactions in the desired block where their transaction is placed. This is a key aspect of how Flash AiO operates and enables its remarkable capabilities.

features of this Flash Aio

  • High speed flashing and confirmation of dependent and main transactions.
  • Manual setting, creating a transaction with the ability to confirm and Unconfirm.
  • The ability to create and flash different types of addresses related to any currency in different formats.
  • Stability of transactions created between 30 and 60 days after receiving the first transaction confirmation.
  • The ability to convert all flashed currencies in the target address up to 2 times.
  • Ability to create transactions with multiple group senders.
  • The ability to send and flash the target in bulk, manually or to multiple addresses or through a file.
  • The ability to flash the average of each user within 24 hours up to 10 million dollars, which means that your sent currency will be 10 million dollars in total.
  • The ability to personalize the configuration and transaction settings with any type of request that the user wants through the option section.
  • The ability to set the type of connection and the type of encryption between the information exchanged between the servers and the user’s client.
  • The ability to export the config file and settings required by the user to prevent multiple repetitions of some special and desired settings.
  • Providing the software version in 32 and 64-bit versions suitable for all different Windows systems such as 11, 10 and 8.
  • The history of the set of transactions created and their management.
  • Payment of fees from the user’s wallet to the lowest possible amount for each transaction in the block

How Work Flash AiO

backend diagram from flash aio user detail on process

[Image 1] Diagram Backend Flash All In One

But how does this process work? It all starts with specifying the target address and the amount you wish to send. Once this is done, Flash AiO takes over, conducting the transaction without requiring any currency in your wallet. It’s this revolutionary feature that sets Flash AiO apart from other software in the market. What’s more, Flash AiO isn’t limited to a specific type of digital currency. Whether you’re dealing with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, or Dogecoin, this software has got you covered. It’s a truly universal tool that caters to the diverse needs of cryptocurrency users across the globe.

Flash AiO - Order and Download

Download / Order Flash Aio 1.0.3

Benefiting from Flash AiO

The benefits of using Flash AiO (all in One) are numerous, especially for professionals and semi-professionals in the world of cryptocurrency. For starters, it eliminates the need to own digital currency in order to send it. This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing users to make transactions they would otherwise not be able to. But the most compelling benefit of Flash AiO is arguably its speed. In a world where every second counts, being able to conduct transactions in less than a few minutes is a significant advantage. This feature alone makes Flash AiO a must-have tool for anyone serious about cryptocurrency.

Getting Started

The first step to use Flash All in One is to download and install the software. After successful payment, you can immediately download the version suitable for your system in your user account section, the installation process is as simple as installing any other software. After installation, you need to sync the software with your digital wallet. This is an important step in the process, and we’ll explain why.

Sync Wallet

Now, you might be asking yourself, if I don’t need to have currency in my wallet to make transactions, why would I need to connect my wallet? It was a good question! The answer is: Although you don’t need to have currency in your wallet to make a transaction, you still have to pay a fee per transaction. Just like a normal transaction, every crypto transaction is accompanied by a fee, which is usually a small percentage of the total amount transferred (the amount has nothing to do with any specific software or configuration settings on our side and our servers, it depends on the currency network you want It determines at that moment according to its traffic hours and the volume of transactions in front of it, so the number of this part, i.e. the minimum required balance in your wallet, may change in each request). And this fee is paid from your digital wallet (the sum of these amounts is very small compared to the value of the currency you send, but on average, considering all currencies, the value of the assets in your wallet for the first transaction should be between 1,000 $ to 3,000 $, approximately. Hence, there is a need to connect your wallet to the software. In diagram (image 2) which you can see below, it is included for each cryptocurrency that if you want to flash bitcoin, you must connect a bitcoin wallet (along with the fee with bitcoin) or if you want to flash ethereum, you must connect an ethereum wallet. Connect (fees included with Ethereum)

diagram sync wallet for flashing any cryptocurrency with flash aio

[Image 2] Diagram For All Sync Wallet

Well, you may ask, how should we connect the wallet?

When you go to the main page of the software in the button section related to the features at the top of the page, click the second button from the left, that is, wallet synchronization, and you will see a new window, the image of which I will post for you below.

Flash aio - sync section

[Image 3] Flash Aio – Sync Section

This section consists of two different methods, that is, the method of connecting with the private key of the wallet and the other method of connecting with the wallet mnemonic, which by default is the private key method for you, and it is recommended to use this section to maintain greater security and comply with security protocols. do . (This is a suggestion and does not prove that the second method, mnemonic, is unsafe; no, I must declare here that all the information exchanged between the software and the central server is one-way coded along with a salt through the main server or the central server (image 1 : Diagram Schema Backend Flash AiO). The main container, which contains powerful virtual machines, is sent for processing and subsequent steps, which also prevents the disclosure of basic information and user specifications).

Flash AiO - Order and Download

Download / Order Flash Aio 1.0.3

In the wallet type section (image 3 – sync section) , according to your request and the type of currency you want to flash, choose the default Bitcoin wallet.
Now we assume that we want to connect the private key, considering that we have copied the private key of the wallet, now we must enter it in the private key field that is active, and after entering it, we must click on the set private key button at the bottom of the same field. Click it.If the entered information is correct and it is possible to connect to the wallet, in the log section of this window, you will see the address of your wallet with the balance and amount of credit inside it and a success message at the bottom, and then click on the Apply button. Click to be registered in the main configuration of the software, which includes all the main settings, and then click on the OK button and the window will close and continue. The status icon is placed in the main window, which shows the status of the connection to your wallet. If it is connected, it will show the green text “Connected” and if it is not, the red text “Disconnected” will be displayed. like the picture below.

Status sync wallet

[Image 4] Status Sync Wallet

I remind you that the standard private key for this project is in hex format, which consists of ABCDF characters 0123456789 and is 64 characters long. If you want to know more about the private key, you can refer to my post that is ready for you here. I have done with the: Private Key Wallet the Ultimate Guide


Type of Flash Cryptocurrency

After you confirm the connection of the wallet, on the main page, in the sidebar of the software, you will see the names of all the cryptocurrencies that you can flash, which include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Digibyte, Dash and Tron. Once you click on one of them (any currency you want to flash, you must connect the wallet of the same currency and in the same wallet there is a fee of the same currency), you will see that four sub-menus will open for them, as shown in the image below ( image 5) each of which is the type of your target address that you want to be created according to the type of your transaction (if you do not know what type of service the target address is, it is better to leave it on the exchange so that the settings of this type of transaction are applied). As you can see, the possibility of flashing is available for all cryptocurrency exchanges and all wallets, forex brokers and betting sites.

Target type cryptocurrency

[Image 5] Target Type Cryptocurrency

After selecting this section, you can choose from the top of this section that you want to create a transaction to be confirmed or create a transaction that is not confirmed, which is by default on the confirm and it is recommended not to change this section. Then, after these things, we go to the next step, which is the main part of creating a new transaction, that is, the New section.

Flash AiO - Order and Download

Download / Order Flash Aio 1.0.3

Create New Flash Transaction

Flash aio - new flash target

[Image 6] Flash Aio – New Flash Target

An important part in this version of Flash All-in-One is the new part that you can see in Image 6 above, which is available as New Flashing Transaction in this software and there are several different ways to open this window. The main one is the button that is embedded in the header section of the main page. Another way is from the top menu section of the software, which you can go to from the target section and single target sub-menu.

Flash AiO - Order and Download

Download / Order Flash Aio 1.0.3

The first part of this section is related to downloading the target address or target addresses from a text file, which you can use with the corresponding button next to the field and set button, or if you want to enter only one target address, it is enough. Enter that address correctly and standardly in the address/file field, and then after entering the target address, it is time to enter the desired amount of cryptocurrency that you want to send to the entered target address. (By default, the unit of this section is Bitcoin, you can change it by clicking on the combo list created next to the amount / value fields. By default, it is set to BTC) When you change the unit, the status of this section is at the bottom of this field. You will see the message of automatic confirmation and adjustment in the entire configuration for the desired currency unit, which by default shows the message: Set Config Node Explorer For Flashing Target Type : Bitcoin (Mainnet).

Now, if you are sure of connecting your wallet to the software and the amount of the desired currency in your wallet is equal to the amount required for transactions, click on the set button on the top right side of the software in the address / file section at the end of the line. Wait until the stages of setting up and creating the basic prerequisites of transactions are finished, so that the create button, which is disabled in the initial state, will be activated for you.

You want to create a transaction with high specifications, if the entered information is correct and you want to create it with this information, flash the desired wallet address and click on the create button.

Successfully Create Transaction

After the steps of creating transactions inside the block are finished and you see some other information in the log part of this section, if all the steps have been done correctly and without problems, this window will be closed (that is, the window of new flashing of the transaction) and the status synchronization window. And the recipient of your information will be opened, as you can see in image  7, you have to wait until it is finished loading.

Flash aio - sync and receiving mode

[Image 7] Flash Aio – Sync And Receiving Mode

Successfully Screen

If you have done everything correctly and the final synchronization and receiving the details is finished (image 7), a new window will open that contains your target address and the final transaction amount and transaction ID (image 8), which indicates success. It is the flashing process.

Successfully Massage Create Flash Transaction

[Image 8] Successfully Massage Create Flash Transaction

Batch Flash (f-Batch)

As it is clear from the name of this section, the part of flashing different addresses is a group, which you can load these addresses in different ways in the software, which is possible to import addresses from TXT, Json, Csv format files. text is that the rule observed in them is only that the target address must be in each line (that is, each line contains an address) and in the Json format, the target address must be entered with the address key and in the value field, the target address must be entered as a string. and in csv format, the address should only be in a column called address, now your file wants to contain thousands of columns, but it must be observed that the column name must be address, otherwise you will encounter errors related to this section.

Batch Flash Section on Flash AiO

[Image 9] Batch Flash Section On Flash Aio

The only difference between this part and the new part that I explained in the previous part is that if you want to choose manually and imagine that you want to send to three different addresses and you have activated the three related parts (by ticking the options for each section) in each section, after entering the address of the desired targets for each address, you must press the set button next to that option to apply the settings. After that, when it is clear, press the send button and wait until the steps of setting up and creating transactions related to the desired block and transaction are finished. Also, I would like to remind you that the fee of this section is more suitable than the sending section individually, because in this case, you almost pay the cost of creating a block for several different purposes, but in the single case, you pay the fee for only one purpose, that’s why In this case, you can spend more in terms of initial capital and make the most of a block. (but it is recommended to maintain the quality of transactions, the amount of target addresses that you import as a group through the file should not exceed 50 addresses).

Flash AiO - Order and Download

Download / Order Flash Aio 1.0.3



Flash AiO - Option Section (Config and Setting Core)

[Image 10] Flash Aio – Option Section (Config And Setting Core)

It is time for the last part of the training, which is the option part (image 10) , where you can change some of the core settings of this software from this part and apply your desired settings according to your needs. It can be said that this part consists of three main parts and one common part, which only took 93 days of my time during the programming of this project, and now it has become the optional part that you see. Many settings can be made in this section, such as settings related to the main connection to the central server, settings related to transactions and blocks, settings related to the processor core of the user’s system, and additional settings for transactions, blocks suitable for each cryptocurrency, and finally, the synchronization section. The software has a user wallet created at the end, which includes two different fields that allow connection via a private key (Hex – contains 64 characters) and a mnemonic (12 / 24  passphrase) for each wallet.

These settings that you see have been made by default, they are the result of many different checks and the result of many transactions that have been done for you in this section, and all the items are a standard and excellent setting, but if you want to change each part and suit Create that transaction, I suggest that if you are not specialized in the blockchain chain, crypto world, and smart contracts, do not change this part because an unwanted change in this part may not create your transaction correctly and cause other possible problems like this. My suggestion is to use the default settings which are the best and best of the current situation for any type of transaction.


Download Flash AiO (All in One)

If you decide to use this software Flash AiO v1.0.3 , you can get it now from our store section in an instant form created for you, which can be downloaded in the downloads section of your user panel after paying.

Flash AiO - Order and Download

Download / Order Flash Aio 1.0.3

Video : Flashing With Flash AiO


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