General Hunt

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  • Batch Cracking Bitcoin & Ethereum Wallet
  • Ability to simultaneously check addresses in bulk
  • Ability to radius the keys
  • Create and check the private key without repetition and error
  • Optimizing the consumption of system resources, running with minimal resources
  • Check feature Enable online check of any wallet
  • Setting the number of active processes in creating and checking
  • ability to check from HEX , WIF & DEC
  • User-friendly and simple appearance
  • Upload rich wallet address via text file for bitcoin and ethereum. (After payment, this item will be sent to you for free.)


General Hunt For Batch Crack and Hunting Very Fast and Search From Local Target File (Rich List)

General Hunt is a powerful software in mass crack and hunting, which is compatible with all types of Windows systems, which can show you the best results with minimal use of your system resources. Optimizing the thraed process of CPU cores in this program is well implemented and visible. When this software is checking and cracking your targets, there is no pressure on your system and you can do your other work.
Since I produce all my software on the basis of efficiency for all people, from where I place simple and user-friendly appearance at the top of my work, this program is no different from it. As you can see in the pictures and preview of this program below. All the steps and parts are completely clear and understandable and do not have any complications, so we do not have any problems ahead.

Screen from general hunt main page default config for batch cracking and hunting bitcoin & ethereum private key
Screen From General Hunt Main Page Default Config for Batch Cracking and Hunting Bitcoin & Ethereum Private Key

How To Use General Hunt (Video):

In this package that you buy, in addition to the software in different versions for different Windows systems, there are also two other valuable files, which contain a set of addresses of wallets with a large balance of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are updated.

Ethereum Rich Wallet Address List [2023] + Bitcoin Rich Wallet Address List [P2PKH][2023]


21 reviews for General Hunt

  1. Avatar of danny petersen

    Danny Petersen

    The attention to detail in your code is outstanding.

  2. Avatar of adam black

    Adam Black

    This software has saved me time and effort. I can’t imagine my workflow without it.

  3. Avatar of kaitlyn pham

    Kaitlyn Pham

    Your programming skills are exceptional. Great job!

  4. Avatar of steven holland

    Steven Holland

    I’m a satisfied customer and will continue to use your software.

  5. Avatar of james evans

    James Evans

    I recommend this software to all my colleagues. It’s fantastic!

  6. Avatar of jill simmons

    Jill Simmons

    This software has become an essential asset for me. It’s reliable and gets the job done.

  7. Avatar of brittany johnson

    Brittany Johnson

    Thank you for creating such a valuable tool for people.

  8. Avatar of samuel york

    Samuel York

    Overall, a fantastic product. I’m grateful for your hard work.

  9. Avatar of james allen

    James Allen

    I appreciate the commitment to quality evident in this software. It’s a game-changer for me.

  10. Avatar of ethan hernandez

    Ethan Hernandez

    I am extremely thankful to the management of this site because it has put such a valuable thing for us

  11. Avatar of jennifer frank

    Jennifer Frank

    I never write reviews, but this software deserves one. Outstanding!

  12. Avatar of alison watson

    Alison Watson

    This software exceeded my expectations. Well done!

  13. Avatar of john jones

    John Jones

    This software has saved me time and effort. I can’t imagine my workflow without it.

  14. Avatar of shane pena

    Shane Pena

    I’ve tried other similar tools, but yours stands out in terms of quality.

  15. Avatar of rodney sanchez

    Rodney Sanchez

    Fantastic features and user-friendly interface.

  16. Avatar of matthew rodriguez

    Matthew Rodriguez

    I never write reviews, but this software deserves one. Outstanding!

  17. Avatar of rhonda harris

    Rhonda Harris

    The programming expertise reflected in this software is truly commendable. Great job!

  18. Avatar of daniel miller

    Daniel Miller

    I was skeptical at first, but after using this software, I’m a believer. Highly recommended!

  19. Avatar of linda meadows

    Linda Meadows

    The functionality of your software exceeded my expectations.

  20. Avatar of ryan smith

    Ryan Smith

    I’ve tried many similar tools, and this one is my favorite.

  21. Avatar of april sims

    April Sims

    I had a question about the software, and the support team was quick to assist. Excellent service!

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