Bitcoin Mining With Python (Solo Miner)

Bitcoin mining with python (solo miner)
April 11, 2022 Python

Solo Miner

Bitcoin Mining With Solo Miner On Python

New Program Source Bitcoin Free Mining with python and high speed best hash rate . use ckpool for solo miner .

Bitcoin communication to unmodified bitcoind with multiple failover to local or remote locations. – Local pool instance worker limited only by operating system resources and can be made virtually limitless through use of multiple downstream passthrough nodes.
– Proxy and passthrough modes can set up multiple failover upstream pools.
– Optional share logging.
– Virtually seamless restarts for upgrades through socket handover from exiting instances to new starting instance.
– Configurable custom coinbase signature. – Configurable instant starting and minimum difficulty. – Rapid vardiff adjustment with stable unlimited maximum difficulty handling.
– New work generation on block changes incorporate full bitcoind transaction set without delay or requiring to send transactionless work to miners thereby providing the best bitcoin network support and rewarding miners with the most transaction fees.
– Event driven communication based on communication readiness preventing slow communicating clients from delaying low latency ones.
– Stratum messaging system to running clients.Accurate pool and per client statistics.Multiple named instances can be run concurrently on the same machine.

Bitcoin mining with python source solo miner ckpool

first install this package’s :

pip install cpython
pip install cython

if use windows can run this code on .bat or .cmd file for loop for ever time to your system ,

@Echo off
Pushd "%~dp0"
goto loop

Bitcoin mining with python (solominer)

Download File

Filename Type Link
SoloMiner Python File .py Download
LooperWin Shell Script .cmd / .bat Download
LooperLinux Bash Script .sh sh Download

BITCOIN Mining Program Free Solo Miner Bitcoin Mining tool Solo Miner

for use complete source code or download follow downloading section

def logg(msg):
    logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO, filename="miner.log", format='%(asctime)s %(message)s')  # include timestamp

def get_current_block_height():
    # Returns the current network best height
    r = requests.get('')
    return int(r.json()['height'])

def newBlockListener():
    global cHeight

    while True:
        network_height = get_current_block_height()

        if network_height > cHeight:
            logg('[*] Network has new height %d ' % network_height)
            logg('[*] Our local is %d' % cHeight)
            cHeight = network_height
            logg('[*] Our new local after update is %d' % cHeight)

        # respect Api

    work_on = get_current_block_height()


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