Create Token BEP20 ERC20 TRC20

create token bep20 erc20 trc20 contract solidity

You can now own a dedicated token in the world of cryptocurrency and earn millions from it. We will accompany you through the thesis until it is listed in various exchange offices and reputable wallets create your token (coin) on erc20 , bep20 , trc20(tron) with solidity and use proxy , mint , burn , approve , transfer , ownerPanel and …

Use this funcation’s on Contract:

  • Payable
  • transferFrom
  • transferOwner
  • burn
  • mint
  • airDrop
  • batchSender
  • addPool
  • withdrawToken
  • Allowance
  • BlackFunds
  • setParams
  • setFee

Full delivery time 2 to 15 Day

Start in 3000$ to …

Orde Now > X4@Mmdrza.Com

Telegram Id : @PyMmdrza

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