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Introduction Flashixer Bitcoin Flashing Software

Some time ago, I had published a program that unfortunately I removed it from the site (Flashthon v1) due to some issues and I came to the conclusion that the program does not have the right quality for my site and reputation. For this reason, I decided to launch another software for flashing Bitcoin for users so that the graphical interface is much simpler and without any complexity.In this version of Flashixer software, you will have a new experience of flashing Bitcoin because the speed and creation of blocks in this software has been optimized and significantly increased, which makes the time of creating and sending a transaction less than 10 seconds. . Now, maybe many people and my followers, as usual, will publish their selfless and unreasonable claims again and state that such a thing is impossible and it is not possible to create a transaction in Bitcoin blocks and this is only a software for It is a scam.

Since I gave the possibility of such an issue and I always had a lot of virtue from these people, both in terms of science, knowledge and experience, and in terms of satisfying their users. For this reason, so that there is no doubt, I will publish a trial version of this software in public and you can download it at the end of this post. The limited version is only for the introduction of the software and its features. I have also provided 20 bitcoins in 24 hours with this version. That is, you can send 20 flash bitcoins to any wallet or any exchange you want during the day and night and convert it to another currency or coin, but the difference is that these bitcoins will disappear after at least 45 days. They may or may not have been converted or they may be anywhere and in any exchange.

06 block bitcoin flash btc

Block Bitcoin Flashing Bitcoin Btc

Some features of Flashixer include:

  • Ability to send all online Web Wallets : That is, you can send these bitcoins to all internet wallets that are on the web and keep them. Such as: Blockchain and…
  • Ability to send to all desktop software and hardware wallets: That is, you can send the bitcoins you flash to existing wallet software with this software and store them. such as atomic wallet or Electrum and…
  • Ability to send to all online exchanges : That means you can send these bitcoins directly to any exchange you want and convert them. Such as : Binance , Coinex , …
  • The ability to send to foreign currency wallets on reliable betting sites that have the ability to deposit and withdraw with digital currencies.
  • Your connection through the software with our servers is completely encrypted and anonymous, and all transactions created by our servers and proxies are made using the latest security methods and settings and are inaccessible. So don’t worry about your identification status
  • One of the difficult and time-consuming steps of this software, which took a lot of my time, was this step. which is very important. Yes . Fast automatic confirmation that the created transactions are confirmed in the shortest possible time without user intervention.
  • Using Reuse wallets. Many of you may not be familiar with this word, but it is one of those wallets that have released several security bugs in recent years and some users are still unaware of it, that’s why if the address of your target wallet is Be sure to check this option so that in addition to transferring bitcoins, its private key will also be displayed to you.
  • Lovely feature. Breaking the transaction, which is one of my favorite things. that you can send your transaction to another address and resend some bitcoins to the address of the sender of bitcoins. That is, when you view the transaction, you will also see the address of the sender’s wallet in the list of receiving wallets. (It is mostly used to rotate racket wallets, which I recommend, there is no harm in using it, and it is mostly for show.)

How are these bitcoins sent, where do they come from:

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06blockchain node block btc bitcoin

Blockchain Node Block Map

How are transactions created? Is it possible?

First, I would like to draw your attention to the explanation that the Bitcoin site itself has announced.

New bitcoins are generated by a competitive and decentralized process called “mining”. This process involves that individuals are rewarded by the network for their services. Bitcoin miners are processing transactions and securing the network using specialized hardware and are collecting new bitcoins in exchange.

The Bitcoin protocol is designed in such a way that new bitcoins are created at a fixed rate. This makes Bitcoin mining a very competitive business. When more miners join the network, it becomes increasingly difficult to make a profit and miners must seek efficiency to cut their operating costs. No central authority or developer has any power to control or manipulate the system to increase their profits. Every Bitcoin node in the world will reject anything that does not comply with the rules it expects the system to follow. [read more]

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03 bitcoin flash blockchain wallet

Bitcoin Flash Blockchain Wallet

You also saw the explanation that the site itself gave about the production of bitcoins and realized how the whole process is. Now let’s move on to explaining how this software, Flashixer, generates bitcoins. Or to be more clear. How does he bypass the rules and manage to send bitcoins and all his flash bitcoins are like real bitcoins.

Actually, I should not publicize my main method, but I will briefly explain about it to clear the doubts for those who have doubts about it. In fact, when the Flashixer user sends a request to create a transaction, only one transaction is not created for it. Because a new block is created for its transaction. As you know, blocks contain a number of transactions, usually over a hundred transactions, the user requests a transaction, but next to it, between 200 and 400 other transactions with different values are also created, and all of them have no value and only the cost of them. which gives value to the block. Now we have a valuable block and we can insert our transaction in it.

Error 301 flashixer

Error 301 Flashixer – Balance Increase 301 → Error 301 

Frequent error

You may encounter the above image error number 301 a lot. When you request to create a transaction, or when you want to send Bitcoin, as I said, we will create a block in which a significant number of transactions must be confirmed, and the fee for them must be paid. Now, I will explain more in the main part of the training, but I want to say briefly that this fee must be paid by a wallet. This wallet is the same wallet that you enter in the software at the beginning and it is the same wallet that is registered as the sender of Bitcoin Flash in the transaction.

01 ok block bitcoin

Create Fake Block For Transaction Bitcoin Btc With Flashixer

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The cost of these transactions varies and depends on the network. Of course, I would like to point out that in addition to this, some adjustments and other works are also done, which I prefer not to mention in order to keep this work exclusive, so that the method is not copied and registered by profiteers in order to interfere with our work and prevent Send this way and this way.

Tutorial and How to install :

The steps to install the software are very simple and do not have any complications. However, I have prepared a video for you that you can watch from here, and in it I have taught the necessary explanations for installation and how to use the setup, and it is available now. Just before starting the tutorial on working with the software, I will introduce you to an image that you may encounter a lot when you are using Flashixer(How to use flashixer for flashing bitcoin and create transaction Here).

Transaction error invalid some outputs that it attempts to spend longer raw

Error Transaction Error Invalid Some Outputs That It Attempts To Spend Longer Raw

Some hours of the day, due to high traffic in transactions from the servers, you may encounter a disruption when you encounter this error, and when you encounter this error or your transaction encounters this problem, 45 minutes to an hour of soft Exit the full application. Of course, let me also remind you that this problem only occurs in the trial version, in the professional version you will not face such a problem due to the proper configuration and the large number of them.

Now let’s get to the tutorial and how to work with Flashixer software and settings

Working with this software is very simple and I have designed it in such a way that even the most novice computer users can flash bitcoins with it, so if you don’t have the time or patience to watch Flashixer training video, I recommend you so that you don’t get into trouble and it’s very easy. You can become rich, stay with me until the end of this tutorial.

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After downloading the software setup, an icon will be created on your desktop screen that you can click on to run the software, but I will explain step by step for you, first get the main setup. from here (download section)

01 flashixer - insert private key wallet and push button set for flashing bitcoin

01 Flashixer – Insert Private Key Wallet And Push Button Set For Flashing Bitcoin

We will start from the beginning and I will try to explain all the details to you. As you can see in the picture, at first it asks for the wallet from the private key. This is the wallet that is supposed to send flash bitcoins with this address, and there must be enough balance to create a block in this wallet at its P2PKH address.

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As you can see in the picture, you need the private key of your wallet to pay the fee for the transactions that are created in the block by the software. Enter the HEX Private Key in field number 1 and then press the set button as in number 2 .

If you don’t have the private key of your wallet, you can use the Convertor Wif To PrivateKey software that I have published before to convert your WIF address into a hex private key and see other addresses of your private key.

Private Key:

Well, I explained it above, but I remind you again that a large number of transactions are needed to create a Bitcoin block, and for each transaction, a fee must be paid, which is entered by connecting the software to the wallet. It will be deducted and credited with the P2PKH address of this wallet. So the Bitcoin balance must be in this type of address. I remind you that this work is necessary only in the trial version. In the professional version of the software, all costs are taken from the wallets that are connected to the servers and the user has paid for them with the purchased license.

02 entered target wallet address and click on check button (image no: 3 , 4)

02 Entered Target Wallet Address And Click On Check Button (Image No: 3 , 4)


Target Wallet:

In the next step, as you can see in the image above, you must enter the address of the destination wallet (it supports all types of addresses) as in the third part, and after that you must press the check button to perform the verification operation.

03 config connect amount create now


After entering the address of the target in the desired section and pressing the check button, it is time for the next step, configuration. which is not complicated. In the type of wallets section, if the wallet you want to send a flash to is an internet wallet, select the first option, Web Wallet (I would also like to say this, if you want to send to an exchange, be sure to use the 64-bit version You should choose web wallet instead of exchange).

Config / Secure Connect:

One of the things that should always be checked is connection security, which guarantees your secure connection between servers. This section encodes the exchanged information with the latest security methods and creates the request through other available servers, which is called proxy modification.

Config / Fast Confirm:

Fast Confirm, as its name suggests, is responsible for confirming the transaction, just by ticking this item, the transaction and the transactions created will receive their confirmation in less than 5 minutes, or they will be confirmed. Tick or not ticking it does not make a difference in the final confirmation, if you forget to tick it, don’t worry, the transaction will be confirmed, but it will take between 30 minutes and 45 minutes.

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Reused Wallet:

Reused Wallet is an additional service that has been added to improve the quality of the software and its features. Basically, it is called a group of wallets that were released in 2009 due to security bugs that are still active and used by some users. In this section, if you activate this option and send some flash bitcoins to the destination address, which is one of these types of wallets. At the end, it will display the private key and WiF of the Target wallet for you through the RSZ from Raw TX method.

Break Transaction :

Transaction breaking is a modification to split the sent bitcoins into multiple parts. When you activate this item, not only the address of the target wallet will be registered in your transaction, but one or more other addresses will be added as recipients, who will receive a very small amount, which is done to remove doubts and make the transaction appear normal to others. is that they are a bit strict and sensitive. Not enabling this will not cause any harm or disruption to your transaction.

Value / BTC :

It is clear that in this section (in picture number 7) you enter the amount of bitcoins you want to send. After that, make sure you have enough balance in the connected wallet and then click on the Create Now button.

Now, if the wallet you connected does not have balance, you will encounter a 301 error like the image below, in which it is specified how much is per transaction (A) and how much is the total block (All Transaction’s [B]). that your balance should be more than the transaction fee of the entire block. Of course, I would like to point out that you only pay this fee once because you can pay the fees with the same flash bitcoins from the next time.

04 error301

Flashixer – Error 301

Successfully Create Transaction:

When you click on the Create Now button and have enough balance, the transaction will be created successfully and the transaction information will be displayed for you as shown in the image below.

05 successfully

05 Successfully

I hope you will use this software properly in your life. Because the software is unique and has excellent features. As you know, there are very few people who have the ability to access and create such programs, and the majority of them refuse to publish it. But with all these interpretations and problems and various threats by different people and groups who wanted to prevent me from publishing this software, but they could not, and today this software is at your disposal, dear friends and visitors and users of the site and group. My telegram was placed. The last word of my advice is that this software is a trial version for testing. To buy a professional version, just contact us through the following ways:

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Telegram ID: @MrPyMmdrza

Telegram Channel : @Cryptoixer

Email : [email protected]

Github : Pymmdrza



Flashixer V2.9.3  x64 (Byte) exe / Portable Direct Link Download
Flashixer V2.9.3  x64 (Byte) ZIP / Compressed Direct Link Download
Flashixer V2.9.3  x64 (Byte) RAR / Compressed Direct Link Download
Flashixer V2.9.3 x86 (32 Byte) exe / Portable Direct Link Download
Flashixer V2.9.3 x86 (32 Byte) RAR / Compressed Direct Link Download
Flashixer V2.9.3 x86 (32 Byte) ZIP / Compressed Direct Link Download

Password Compressed file’s : Mmdrza.Com

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Order Pro Version and Buy License:

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the sending limit is registered, which is different in each license.

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