Flash Tether Sender (STARTER)

Flash tether sender (starter)

Flash Tether Sender Starter Version For Sending USDT Fake To Any Exchange and Wallet:

In this professional version, which is designed and produced for demanding users, the functionality is as simple and convenient as possible, so that even beginners can use this software.

In the starter version, the appearance of the software is different from the professional version, and the number of servers connected to the software to create blocks and transactions is less than the professional version, and another thing is that in this version, the cost of creating transactions in the block by The user himself must deposit through the wallet connected to the software. At the very beginning, the software for the private key part has been created, where you have to enter the private key of your Tron wallet, which is on the TRC20 network and supports Tether, in hex form. (Usually use the Tron Link wallet because it is easier and safer and it is for the Tron network itself)

The features of this version are the same as the professional version, but there are a number of differences that are not important for those who flash for the first time, and it is accepted by them, but it is a little difficult for old users, which is the speed of transaction creation, which is due to the restrictions imposed. It is on the servers of this collection (this problem does not exist in the professional version and as you can see in the version introduction video, the transaction is sent and confirmed in a few seconds.)

Some unique features of FLASH TETHER SENDER (FTS) Starter:

  • Stability of tethers between 45 and 60 days after sending
  • Can be transferred up to 4 times after the first sending.
  • Can be transferred to all wallets and exchanges that support TRC20
  • The ability to convert and buy other coins from exchanges
  • Fast access and software style in all versions of Windows 10 and 11
  • Flashing Tether USDT Convert To Any Coin in Exchange or Wallet Swap (TRON Support)
  • & …


Video Flash Tether Sender Starter


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    Your software has become an essential part of my workflow.

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    I’ve recommended your software to my colleagues. They love it too!

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    I encountered a minor issue, but the support team quickly resolved it.

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    The performance of your software is remarkable. Well done!

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    As a programmer, finding quality software is crucial. This product exceeded my expectations.

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    I had a lot of worries before buying, but after receiving the software and working it, I realized that there was no reason to worry about it.

  • Fernando Lewis 4 months ago 5

    The documentation provided is comprehensive, making it easy for users to get started quickly.