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General Hunt – Batch Crack and Hunting Private Key

General Hunt For Batch Crack and Hunting Very Fast and Search From Local Target File (Rich List)


General Hunt is a powerful software in mass crack and hunting, which is compatible with all types of Windows systems, which can show you the best results with minimal use of your system resources. Optimizing the thread process of CPU cores in this program is well implemented and visible. When this software is checking and cracking your targets, there is no pressure on your system and you can do your other work.
Since I produce all my software on the basis of efficiency for all people, from where I place simple and user-friendly appearance at the top of my work, this program is no different from it. As you can see in the pictures and preview of this program below. All the steps and parts are completely clear and understandable and do not have any complications, so we do not have any problems ahead.

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Features and characteristics

  • Batch Cracking Bitcoin & Ethereum Wallet
  • Ability to simultaneously check addresses in bulk
  • Ability to radius the keys
  • Create and check the private key without repetition and error
  • Optimizing the consumption of system resources, running with minimal resources
  • Check feature Enable online check of any wallet
  • Setting the number of active processes in creating and checking
  • ability to check from HEX , WIF & DEC
  • User-friendly and simple appearance
  • Upload rich wallet address via text file for bitcoin and ethereum. (After payment, this item will be sent to you for free.)
Order general hunt
Order General Hunt Just 50$

One of the noteworthy features of General Hunt is the low resource consumption of this software, which is unique in its kind, The lower the consumption, the higher the efficiency, as you will check this software. You can see that the value of this software is much more than the 50 dollars that I published it. But I chose this amount just so that all social classes can use this software:

# Teaching how to use General Hunt software:

Screen from general hunt main page default config for batch cracking and hunting bitcoin & ethereum private key
Screen From General Hunt Main Page Default Config For Batch Cracking And Hunting Bitcoin &Amp; Ethereum Private Key

Batch Check :

One of the unique and unique features of General Hunt is to crack the private key in bulk, which generates and scans a large number of addresses at the same time, which it displays for you in four tables on the main page of the software.

Radius :

RADIUS is another feature of the software that makes it possible for the user to display the addresses that are in the Ethereum network if they have another currency or token other than Ethereum and save them in a text file.

Screen from general hunt main page default config for batch cracking and hunting bitcoin & ethereum private key
Screen From General Hunt Main Page Default Config for Batch Cracking and Hunting Bitcoin & Ethereum Private Key

ETH Check :

If the generated address was in the set of addresses imported through Rich File, it will check and display the number of Ethereum transactions and its balance online.

Order general hunt
Order General Hunt Just 50$

Create Concurrently:

In this section, you can determine how many addresses to generate and display at the same time. My advice to you is to choose this number depending on the amount of RAM in your system so that you don’t face slow production speed.

In this section, you determine whether the addresses generated by hex or wif or dec are

The rest of the steps are not very complicated and do not need to be explained. Press the button as instructed in the video. But I will give you a brief explanation. After purchasing the two compressed files, the addresses of the wallets with high balance of Bitcoin and Ethereum will also be sent. After extracting them, upload the extracted text file to your relevant sections. For example: upload the Btc_2023.txt file in the Rich File BTC section and Eth_2023.txt in the Rich File ETH

Of course, do this if you do not have the list of wallets. These two files are the latest addresses and have been updated, and this list of wallets is recommended.

Order general hunt
Order General Hunt Just 50$

# After installing the software

After you have successfully installed the software, as you can see, two shortcuts have been created on your desktop, one of which is related to General Hunt and the other is a text file with the name Found in text format. In the text file, it saves the set of addresses that the program finds successfully and matches, their private key and other details in that file.

Screen found
Screen Found
Order general hunt
Order General Hunt Just 50$

Video :

In this video, you can clearly see how to make the first simple settings. (Of course, the software is set in such a way that it does not require changes in the initial settings, and the user only needs to enter the rich wallet file and specify the number of production and display and click on the green start button)

In this video, you will see how I managed to find three Bitcoin Ethereum addresses and private keys in a short time and at high speed. (meaning two bitcoin wallets and one ethereum wallet)

[wpvideo Zskw6O3D]

In this package that you buy, in addition to the software in different versions for different Windows systems, there are also two other valuable files, which contain a set of addresses of wallets with a large balance of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are updated.

Screen and detail's link rich file's after paid in email customer
Screen And Detail’S Link Rich File’S After Paid In Email Customer

Ethereum Rich Wallet Address List [2023] + Bitcoin Rich Wallet Address List [P2PKH][2023]

Order general hunt
Order General Hunt Just 50$

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