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The most important part of the behavior and character of the job and work is to protect the privacy of the users. We need some information from the users on this site, which we will not receive without their permission, and all the steps of the user are kept in the flow of all the data sent and received.
On this site, we only receive their name and email from our users when they order a product or communicate with the support department, which is created to communicate with them about the issue that, if it is a product and program when ordering, to send files and programs. We will send their purchases. If it is for the support department, it is for when the user is not available in the live chat environment and has entered his email in the email section of the chat dialog on the home page. It is only to answer them and inform them in updating the chat and dialogue.

This information received by us and the hosting company of our site will not be sent to any institution or organization or advertising center. And it is encrypted in databases secured with the latest security methods and cannot be accessed. And they are kept at the highest level of security.

To contact the main management of the site and the programmer of all the programs published on the site, contact the email address PyMmdrza@Gmail.Com . And the only valid address is https://Mmdrza.Com , which has an SSL certificate, and it should be mentioned that all the files and programs placed on the MMDRZA.COM site, to inform and ensure the authenticity of the received file when downloading to users The download section of the validation codes provides the content of the file SHA 256. that users ensure the correctness of the content of the file.

Unfortunately, due to the increase in software requests and the increase in our credibility with our users, the satisfaction of our product has become a constant type of advertisement for us, which we have always done and will do, but among these, some people There are profiteers and abusers who are copying our software and selling them for lower amounts on their channels and sites, some greedy customers are caught in their trap and as a result lose large sums of money from their bank accounts. and stealing personal information and documents from their computer system, the way these profiteers and scammers operate is that the software that I work on these software with hours of effort day and night and months in a row to make them available to their users but by receiving and placing the trial version on their website and Telegram channels, they sell it instead of the original version, and along with that program, they also attach a number of spy viruses and informants and sell them to uninformed people. And finally, it causes irreparable losses. We have no responsibility and support for software and scripts that are not prepared in the following ways. Only the following addresses and emails are approved by us and have the original license of the site itself. The first and most reliable method is to buy from the products section of the site, which is available under the name of Shop, where all the products are available to you in a correct and legible manner.

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